My name is Christina and I am the owner of Glam Farmhouse, LLC. Specializing in manufacturing custom furniture, home decor, and interior services. Based in South Carolina but can ship or deliver anywhere in the US upon request. I take pride in what I do and work hard to give you a better quality product, at a better price, and with better customer service than the competition. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me!
PLEASE NOTE- I am currently pregnant and have slower response/production times from now until the end of 2021. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please email me directly at or feel free to text at (803)493-6476 for quicker response times. Thank you for your understanding!


Q1: Do I Have To Pay A Security Deposit? 

A1: Yes, We require half payment up front as a non-refundable security deposit. This provides us with the funds to purchase all the materials needed for your project and ensures we attract the right clientele. In the past, we have had too many people back out at the last minute leaving us out money. We apologize for any inconvenience!


Q2: Do You Deliver? 

A2: Yes! We can deliver up to a certain distance away from Rock Hill, SC. We charge a per mile delivery fee based on where we deliver to. Please let us know if you need delivery at least 2 weeks prior to your tables due date. The delivery fee is NOT included in the table price. If you are further away we use a shipping service, let us know your zip code and we can get a shipping quote to you!


Q3: Do You Accept Custom Orders? 

A3: Yes we do! Custom orders are a majority of what we do here. Email us with a detailed description of what you are wanting, preferably with an inspiration picture, and we will let you know what we can do for you!


Q4: What Is The Turnaround Time? 

A4: Turnaround time is typically between 12-14 weeks but can vary depending on the size of your order and how many orders we have prior to yours as well as other outside factors such as bad weather, illness, emergencies, life events, etc. We always try to finish sooner if possible!


Q5: Where Are You Located? 

A5: We are located in Rock Hill, SC. About 20 minutes south of Charlotte, NC.


Q6: Are You Hiring? 

A6: Unfortunately, we are not at the moment.


Q7: How Do I Return A Piece? 

A7: All sales are FINAL. Once the second half of the payment is paid, the sale/contact is completed and cannot be refunded or returned. If you have an issue with the piece pertaining structure, please let us know before paying the second half so we can correct the problem for you! If you chose the wrong stain or paint color, sent us the wrong measurements, etc there will be a repair fee. Also, if you damage a piece we can repair it for a repair fee-see below.


If you get your item shipped, and it is damaged upon delivery-you must make a claim with the shippers insurance as we take a  thorough video and photos of each item before the shipper picks it up. We are not responsible if the item is damaged in transit. If an item is damaged and you’re local- we will gladly repair for you-however there will be a transportation and repair fee. If you are not local, please get with the shipper to file a claim with their insurance and we will be more than happy to make a new one for you and ship with a different carrier. 


Stain absorbs differently throughout each piece of wood, please make sure to do your research on the stain color of your choice before letting us know (our advice is to watch a YouTube video of someone staining using the color of your choice so you can see the color on a large area. You can also request a color swatch to pickup and take home) as we cannot correct stain color once the wood is stained without completely stripping the piece and charging a Change of Order fee. Different pieces of wood may absorb stain more or less and may appear to be slightly different in color. This is a natural phenomenon and occurs in almost all naturally stained wood furniture.  We do not recommend applying multiple coats of stain (to try to achieve a “darker” color) as once the first coat is absorbed into the wood, the second coat usually won’t absorb since wood is like a sponge and can only absorb so much in certain areas- thus showing brush lines, splotches, uneven color, etc. of the second coat. We will do multiple coats if requested, and will try to minimize this as much as possible, but just know it is likely. Scratches are also more likely with several coats of stain versus one. This is why we recommend only one coat of stain so please research your color choice throughly. We can not guarantee how custom mixed colors will turn out. If you want a custom color that requires mixing different stains/paints please be aware of this. Water based stains dry quicker than oil based therefore could result in splotchiness. Different woods have different grain patterns and can absorb stain differently. We recommend Minwax oil based and/or Varathane oil based stains to achieve a uniform absorption. Pine, maple, Douglas fir, cedar, and redwood may absorb more stain at the seams than on the face of the boards-this is normal for the wood to absorb more on the edges. If "bleeding" occurs on your table top after transport, do not worry. Just wipe off any spots that bleed through with a damp cloth and allow the table to acclimate to your house before use (recommended 24 hours before first use if possible). This occurs mostly in oak with the wide grain pattern. Discoloration between boards in the seams in common during winter months, but should go away over time once acclimated to your house- this is more noticeable on darker color stained tops. Distressing may be slightly rough at first but as the furniture gets used, the roughness will go away. We try to remove as much of this as possible before pickup. We use only water based poly/clear coat which dries crystal clear so the stain stays true to its intended color. Any discoloration after delivery/pickup will be considered damage and will be subject to our repair fee outlined below. Tannins in the wood may show through white paint. We do our best to prevent this with primer but it is a slight possibility. If you don’t want to chance this we recommend upgrading to a hardwood such as oak. Darker paint colors such as navy, black, dark green, etc may show more imperfections than lighter paint colors. This includes, but is not limited to: roller marks, brush strokes, spray patterns, imperfections in the wood, etc. We use Sherwin Williams paints but if you would like us to use a different brand, just let us know. The default white we use is Pure White and/or Simply White and the default black we use is Black Magic/Tricorn Black.

**Sample swatches of colors are available upon request only.**

We use dimensional and rough cut wood. Dimensional wood is wood that is advertised as "2x10" but is really 1.5x9.25 and rough cut comes in varied sizes. We always try to make the tables as close to measurements as possible but cannot guarantee EXACT measurements. Width may vary up to but no greater than 2 inches. Length may vary up to but no greater than 1.5 inches. Length on custom consoles may vary up to 3 inches. Round tables may vary up to 3 inches.  The underside of the table tops can have exposed knots, live edges between seams, etc. We try to ensure the least amount as possible but if the wood has these characteristics we will make sure they are on the underside if possible to be less visible.  If using pressure treated wood for outdoor use, the table will eventually dry out. After being outdoors for several months, treated lumber will develop cracks, also known as checks, along the surface of each board. These cracks are a normal part of the drying process. Warping is also common in pressure treated wood as it is extremely wet. We usually don’t build exterior tables for this reason but will if requested. Porch swings will be completely sealed, however only the visible parts will be stained/painted (the support slats for the mattress will not be stained/painted.)

We hand make everything, including the table tops. Here again, we cannot guarantee perfection. These handmade pieces and may not be perfectly level or flat. We strive to make them as perfect as possible but just know that they very well may have small imperfections (we are not a mass producing factory with cookie cutter machines). Tables larger 10ft or longer will generally need a center support as the middle of the table may be prone to 'sagging' due to the weight of the table top. We do not recommend making tables super long with just 4 standard legs on the corners. And we do not recommend sitting, leaning, or placing anything extremely heavy in the center of tables that are extremely long for this reason. Any special effects applied to the topside of table tops (including but not limited to: vinyl, paint, stencils, branding, etc) should be treated with care as will be more  susceptible to scratching/peeling/etc.

Each creation will have small imperfections to which we celebrate. This includes, but is not limited to- knots, cosmetic/surface cracks AKA "checks" in and between boards, unevenness, levelness, sanding swirl marks, wood filler (used in knots, checks, pocket holes etc. which can be a lighter or darker shade depending on the stain), staining from dried wood glue after sanding/removal between seams (especially in walnut), etc.  Small creases and/or cracking (checks) in and between the boards over time/changing of seasons is completely normal. Wood is an ever living object and can shrink/expand during changing seasons/temps/humidity changes, this makes it susceptible to these changes. This can occur more so in PINE but it can also occur in any wood species.  (Think of wood like a sponge-the softer the wood the more porous it is and can absorb/release moisture more easily). We recommend upgrading to a hardwood to try to prevent this as much as possible. We also recommend keeping your furniture indoors and in normal temperature range (any temp between 60-85) as the finish and table itself can become damaged in extreme cold or heat. Again, we strive to make each piece as perfect as possible. If any creases or cracks appear over time and you don’t like the appearance-they can easily be filled with stainable wood filler/epoxy to match the table. We can do this for a small fee or you can do it yourself (super easy!). Wood with larger grain patterns such as oak may have slight texture to it where the grain pattern is prominent (will not be glass smooth but sanded down to 220).  It is your duty as a customer to research the type of wood or ask questions prior to ordering. 

When using epoxy, especially in the fall and winter months when its colder, there may be slight texture in the epoxy and/or slight discoloration of the wood around the epoxy area. This is completely normal especially if using a darker stain color on lighter wood. We sand everything as smooth as possible but after applying topcoat it can effect the epoxy in colder temps.  When ordering a round table with a design on the top, we use edge banding to cover the rough sides. This edge banding can bubble with weather changes/environmental changes and also during shipping and is normal but not likely, but if you experience any bubbling in the edge banding and you have an iron, you should be able to easily iron it back flat-just make sure to put the iron on the lowest setting and use a lint-free cloth between the iron and table to prevent burning until the banding is flat again. Sometimes the plywood backer can cause the banding to appear bubbled when it is not, but rest assured, it is structurally stable.

Custom built pieces (cabinets, buffets, specialty coffee tables, barn doors, etc) are built as close to given specs as possible, specs may vary slightly but will be no greater than 3 inches in any one direction. Drawers are also handmade and may not be perfect-examples of imperfections include but are not limited to: drawers may be slightly tight when closing, drawer faces may protrude or intrude slightly, black spaces my vary around the drawer faces if they are not overlay drawers, etc. The inside of storage cabinets, cubbies, benches, etc that are not seen will NOT be painted/stained OR include shelving unless you state how many shelves and what height you would like the shelves to be. Most clients prefer no shelves as this gives you the flexibility to purchase adjustable shelving/baskets/bins/etc to maximize the cabinet space. If you would like the hidden inside portion finished please let us know so we can adjust the quote for you.


Barn doors are built standard with the design on ONE SIDE ONLY. If you would like a design on BOTH front and back of the door please let us know PRIOR to ordering so we can adjust the quote accurately. 

If needing installation, you acknowledge that Glam Farmhouse LLC is NOT responsible for any damage to wires/lines/other items that are hidden behind walls/ceilings (Freon lines, electrical work, water lines, etc) as well as drywall, paint, trim, carpet, floors, etc. If we are installing on a wall with known lines PLEASE let us know! If you DO NOT let us know then we will not know. We use a stud finder to mount all of our pieces but technology isn’t perfect and can show a false positive. This is applicable for barn doors, coffee bars, chalkboards, accent walls, etc. where drilling or nailing to the wall/ceiling is required. If possible, hiring a General Contractor to complete this work is best to avoid this probability. 

Glam Farmhouse Woodworking is NOT responsible for wrongful orders. If you choose the wrong color, send us the wrong measurements, etc. there WILL be a repair fee/change of order fee to repair/remake the item. Glam Farmhouse Woodworking is also NOT responsible for damage to an item or any injury caused by any piece of furniture once it has left our possession. It is your duty as a buyer to properly use the furniture for its designed purpose only.


**Glam Farmhouse, LLC reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order at any time for any reason.**


We do not accept returns or exchanges on any of our products. All of our products are given a multi-point inspection upon completion and will not be given to you if anything is incorrect. Once second half is paid and the item is in your possession THE SALE IS FINAL.

The 50% Security deposit is non-refundable. We use this for materials. Once the item is complete and second half of payment is sent, the sale is FINAL and there will be NO refunding or returning of the item. If you have an issue with the piece we made for you (in regards to structural issues not for incorrect color or size given to us when placing order etc), please let us know before sending the second half so that way we can fix the issue at hand for you. Glam Farmhouse LLC is NOT responsible for damage to items that you load into your vehicle. Please bring proper moving supplies with you to ensure safe loading of your items. 

Once your order is ready - you have 14 days to pickup your order from the agreed upon date or else it will be forfeited and will become property of Glam Farmhouse LLC and be placed up for sale on our website unless prior arrangements have been made.

You are agreeing to these conditions and acknowledging you’ve read this disclaimer in its entirety once submitting payment for your order. This disclaimer serves as a legal contract and is BINDING.

Last Updated: 01/10/2019