Our British Brace Barn Doors are our most popular style barn doors we offer. These classic doors are sure to transform whatever space they are installed in. Replace hinged doors to save space and add a focal piece that's sure to spark conversation. 


Price is for standard size door frames for standard 8ft tall ceilings. If you need a different size, please email us so we can quote you.


Pricing does NOT include delivery/installation. Should you need this, email us prior to ordering so we can give you a quote dependant upon your location.


British Brace doors are made of solid premium pine tongue and groove boards. Design is on ONE side of door only, if you would like the design on both sides, please email us prior to ordering so we can adjust the price accordingly.

British Brace Barn Door

SKU: 0020
  • To clean your door, we recommend using luke warm water mixed with a few drops of dish soap such as Dawn. For painted surfaces, you can also use a magic eraser for stubborn messes. Please review our full disclaimer for more information.

  • Once your second half of invoice has been paid and your item is out of Glam Farmhouse, LLC's posession/installed, the sale is FINAL. If you have an issue with your item, please let us know before accepting into your posession/before we leave after installation so we can correct the issue at hand for you. Please review our full disclaimer for more detailed information.